Holmes-Griffeth-team-photo.jpgHolmes & Griffeth, Financial Planners, is a financial planning firm that focuses on financial estate and retirement planning, with particular attention given to reducing exposure to market volatility and reducing tax obligations.   Our primary founding principle was to be an independent financial services firm. For our clients, this means we always strive to do what is best for their unique financial situations without being influenced by outside corporate interests.
Our advisors are focused on providing professional service and accurate, timely and easy to understand advice and suggestions, centered on the betterment of the client’s financial situation. Our advisors are highly educated and are experienced in investment coordinating, insurance use and financial estate protecting.

Holmes & Griffeth, Financial Planners have an aggressive continuing education plan that supports our advisors in broadening their knowledge base, staying “up-to-date” on tax law and estate law changes, and pursuing the industry’s most advanced certification designations.
We approach retirement/financial planning through the “Financial Wellness Initiative.” Similar to the doctor/patient model, we focus on the diagnosis first and then apply the proper prescription. We structure our financial planning prescriptions toward achieving four concepts:
  1. Develop the "right strategy" to fit the individual client’s risk tolerance and investment objectives.
  2. Grow your money through proper diversification, attentive asset allocation and focused money management methods.
  3. Keep your money by continued attention to changes in tax laws in an effort to lower clients’ tax obligations.
  4. Leave your money by putting in place the proper financial estate plan and coordinating with your attorney for the preparation of the proper estate documents.

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