Annual Golf Tournament Results

And the winners are…
Hole 5 Closest to Pin – Jeff Swane
Hole 8 Closest to Pin – Dennis Mitchell (Steve Anderson’s team)
Hole 15 Closest to Pin – Scott Wreath (Nick Miller’s team)
Hole 17 – Closest to Pin – John Pryer (Larry Maples team)

Flight C -Team winners 

  • 1st  Steve Anderson, Matt Anderson, Chris Matlock, Dennis Mitchell  69
  • 2nd Joel Jones, Justin Jones, Coy Draheim, Adam Newell  69
  • 3rd  Gaylord Moore, Keith Cheek, Garry Keltner, Pete Owens  69

Flight B – Team winners

  • 1st  Tim Leek, Jason Mohler, Jeremy Montgomery, Ryan Zeller  63
  • 2nd  Nick Miller, Don Jones, Ian Shepard, Scott Wreath  65
  • 3rd Stan Moore, Danny Backus, Rick Walker, Buck Wade  65

Flight A -Team Winners

  • 1st  Eldon Combs, Chris Hanner, Kirk Stringer, Thomas Orr  54
  • 2nd  Garrett Anderson, Jeff McNatt, Jason Rice, Austin Reed  58
  • 3rd  Jared Holmes, Jeff Holmes, Dustin Batson, Aaron Kenma, Jeff Swane  60

Click here for the FaceBook video.

And the real winner is 100 Fold!

Together $660 was raised to benefit 100 Fold! Thank you to all who participated!

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