The Nest Egg Newsletter: Oct 2021

5 Tips for Reviewing an Early Retirement Offer 

You’ve spent years planning and saving for your retirement. And then, out of the blue, your employer hands you an early retirement offer that could change everything. This voluntary package could be a boon, giving you the freedom to pursue other activities, or an unwanted complication throwing a wrench in your retirement plans. If you’re presented with early retirement, should you take the offer? In our recent newsletter, click here to read about some factors to consider. 

Also in this newsletter…

  • Meet the Smiles behind the scenes at H&G
  • Do you have a family member, who is overseas, currently serving in the military, or as a missionary? We’d love to encourage them!
  • Living an Abundant Life: Gratitude

Did you know…

  • We are celebrating our 20th year!! If you stop by, please be sure to sign the logo in our lobby.
  • Our annual food drive is coming up in November!

October 2021 Nest Egg Volume 19, Issue 4

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