The Nest Egg: Volume 18 Issue 3

Your IRA and Your LEGACY

Individual retirement accounts (IRA) are a cornerstone of many people’s retirement savings strategy, and for good reason: The ability to contribute pre-tax income—and to defer taxes until you start making withdrawals—means your  savings can potentially grow more quickly than they could in a taxable account.

But there’s more to IRAs than tax advantages for retirement savings. In fact, IRAs can play a valuable role in estate planning, offering powerful tax benefits to both you and your heirs as you pass your wealth to the next generations.

Click here to read our current newsletter, The Nest Egg, for some tips and strategies to consider before incorporating an IRA into your estate planning process.

Also in this newsletter…

  • Jim’s been baking! Check out this Coconut Cream Pie recipe.
  • Our Broker Dealer is mailing you a document in July. It is for your review and no signature is needed.
  • Independence Day Jokes

Don’t Forget…

  • Free Shred Event coming up on July 17th – Drop off your papers, in our office, between 8am-4pm.
  • Our lobby has reopened. We also have a drop-slot you’re welcome to always use, as well. We can still do curb-side signing if you’re more comfortable with that too and need to sign papers.

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